About UEMS

For the past six decades the European Union of Medical Specialists – Union Européenne des Médecins Spécialistes (UEMS), has developed into the most comprehensive and representative European Medical Organisation (EMO). The UEMS is a non-governmental organisation representing national associations of medical specialists in the European Union and in associated countries. The UEMS is representing National Assocations of Medical Specialists and operate at the European level to defend and promote the interests of Medical Specialists. The UEMS is made up of 34 National Member Associations which altogether compose the UEMS Council which is the organization’s General Assembly. The UEMS was founded in Brussels on July 20th, 1958; its headquarters is in Brussels. UEMS has the following objectives (uems.eu):

  1. The delivery of optimum, high quality and safe healthcare to all citizens within the European Union
  2. The maintenance and further development of the professional autonomy of European medical specialists.
  3. The study, promotion, harmonization and access to high quality ongoing education and training for medical specialists and their medical practice.
  4. The promotion of free movement of specialists physicians within the EU.
  5. The active participation in and representation, within the framework of the organised medical specialist profession in member states of the EU, to all relevant statutory EU agencies and any other authority and/or organisation dealing with issues relating to the medical profession.