The UEMS Section & Board of Infectious Diseases (UEMS-ID) was founded in 1997 (Section) and 1998 (Board). UEMS-ID has delegates from morfe than 30 countries. 

Previous presidents were:

Barbara BANNISTER, United Kingdom (1997)

Daniel LEW, Switzerland (1998-2000)

Ingrid NILSSON-EHLE, Sweden (2001-2004)

Mike McKENDRICK, United Kingdom (2005-2008)

Mario Mondelli (2009-2015)

Jean Paul Stahl (2015 – present)

Previous EBID chairpersons were Mike McKENDRICK (1998-2001), Mary HORGAN (2002-2006), and Haakon SJURSEN (2007-present); previous secretaries/honorary treasurers were Ingrid NILSSON-EHLE (1997-1999), Haakon SJURSEN (2000-2002), Winfried V. KERN (2003-2007), and Adriana VINCE (2008-present); previous EBAID chairpersons were Finn T. BLACK (2003-2007), and Ingrid NILSSON-EHLE (2008-present). 

UEMS has established a close collaboration with ESCMID since 2002 in matters concerning CME as well as training curriculum questions. The most recent survey on the status of the specialty of infectious diseases in Europe was done by UEMS-ID in 2007. UEMS-ID has helped ESCMID to plan an updated survey of the status of infectious diseases in various Europenan countries.